Monday, 6 September 2010

Vogue's Fashion Night Out!

This Wednesday is Vogue's Fashion Night Out across multiple city. I will obviously be attending the London event. It is a great experience to do some late night shopping, drink free champers, eat macroons, listening to the East London Cool DJ sets and freebies. I am already piling a list of shops to hit especially ones with weird and wonderful events on. My eye is on the following:

Chanel - Free manicure
COS - Macroons and Champers darlin'
Christian Louboutin - Mad Hatter's Tea Party with Photography
Coast - Cupcakes and Champers again Darlin'
GAP - Photobooth wearing head to toe in denim. I sense a 80s double denim look going on.
Marc Jacobs - Free Marc Jacobs BANG t-shirt to the first 200 visitors.
River Island - Cocktail bar and photobooth action
Aquascutum - Oysters
Topshop - photobooth with chance to win gift vouchers

The list is endless but they are some of the nights out I decided to hit on. More details can be found below at Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

See you guys there!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Autumn Trends

Recently in the press, I read about all what is hot and what is not for AW 10. To be honest I find this all overwhelming and how young women are meant to rush out for the latest trends. I am sorry, I was still not convinced by Vagina hHigh boots last year. They looked great but slightly impractical for the slightly tall challenged. Here is my list of my staples I ALWAYS wear during this season.

1. Fur collars

My personal opinion is that vintage fur collars attached to any jacket or coat, already increases the aesthetic value and updates a tired look. It brings a luxurious look and personally fits in with my style well.

2. Scarves - Granny and Tartan

I own a few scarves, but the main one that is always a staple in my wardrobe is my trusted granny scraf one that easily provide volume to an outfit and the tartan scarf which adds a bit of English heritage to any outfit.

3. Tailored camel and grey trousers

Great for work and provides a different look to the usual bog standard jeans and tshirt look. I am personally not a big fan of just jeans and T-shirt plain Jane look. I must admit I have been caught in those sort of outfits but I stress it is a pure lazy day. I am not a trouser person but I believe in well cut pair of trousers in a interesting non black but professional colour works wonders for an outfit. They smarten any t-shirt.

4. Red Beret

Any friends who read this will know I am always seen in my red beret during winter months. I do enjoy wearing hats and tbh when the big chill comes again this December - January I will be prepared for the weather with my lovely red beret. It is rather useful for friends to find you in crowd of people as well. :)

5. Riding Boots

Classic leather boots that NEVER ever go out of fashion. Must have.

I am now bored of listening to my own rantings. Have a nice evening.

Reinventing the Wheel

I have been busy with my current Office based job, which unfortunately is not based on fashion and have banned all networking sites. I am currently thinking of a new direction to take this blog as I do not have time to collect, resize images of clothes I like, take pictures of my daily wears or my new purchases.

Therefore, currently brainstorming a new direction to take this. This may resort to a look into office wear and the City lifestyle which I feel not many blogs talk about. Or I may be thinking of new ideas such as setting a new challenge for my wardrobe. It currently fills with suits and smart wear. All has changed since I started this, when I thought I was going to be near unemployable in a recession and needed something to do during the days of unemployment. This is now not the case.

I leave you guys with a favourite song of mine...