Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lady and the Tramp

I am not going to go in details of the Disney film about the two dogs, but more fitting with why on earth do I see so many uneven matched couples around London? I either see stunning girlfriends with a rather questionable and homeless looking male counterpart or vice versa. I have to say the tramp look sometimes gets my vote mainly for those lazy hungover monged out days where you do not want to do anything and that means putting effort into my looks. Though un-matched couples just irritate me, it is like how, what, and eurgh?!? I am maybe a cynic in the old love department but I guess I am not one who go swoon and falls madly in love with anyone. It is not my style. I am too fucked up tbh for this Disney fairytale story. My life is drama, difficult and unpredictable. I like it as I know the shit of life and do not live in bubble of glorious idiotic bliss. Gosh I sound like such an old lady in her mid 50s surrounded by her army of cats. Cat Lady here I come!

Well on with my title of tramp, I decided to google (I know I shouldn't use google as a verb but if you are avid reading of crap, then you know me and english grammar have never been best of friends) homeless folks and saw some amusing signs begging for various items.

The last picture is actually my friend Matalan (do not worry that is not his real name. If it was his parents would be of rather cruel nature) who decided that the sign "Shag for Chips" was appropriate for a chav bop in Queens College.

I am also very aware that I am not following the fashion focus of this blog as intend. So here is one fashion focus, signs are sexy and useful however dirty coal blacked out feet is not sexy. Ruffled hair is allowed and so are ripped tights but having trousers that smell of cat piss is not so much allowed. Fashion thought of the day for you there folks!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Legs, Arse and Tits

Guy Bourdin a Parisian photographer who is well known for his exotic and surrealist photography along with back shoot of shocking neon colours in rather erotic positions. I personally love his works and dream of my dream house to contain many re prints of his works. Yes I want Legs, Arse and Tits around my dream house. It will be mix of quaint English vintage mixed with classic eroticism and rebellious. Mr future Right must be prepared for my demands. I pity him already.


Fur Paux

Last year we saw the influx of fur related garments with the 1940s glam look and Scandinavian sheek. I too was addicted to the fur, I currently own three fur coats and a fox fur collar (sorry PETA you are going to hate me but I regarded these purchase as necessary for extreme weather). Though with past trip into Buckinghamshire, I am now falling in love with feathers but not the tacky kind where you look like a re-make of Sesame Street character Big Bird.

The last picture is for my own amusement of The Big Bird look that I obviously wnat to avoid. I may now need to make a feather shoulders attachable like I have made my fur attachable collar for all my fur needs.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lady in Red

Sorry for the lacking of posting as I am currently interning in a big firm in the City, so been spending my days researching and reading spreadsheets. Plus sorting the re sale of my reading tickets (London will be lonely weekend with all the kids camping away) and generally usual antics has kept me pre occupied.

The current trend for celebs and have been deemed for the likes of us normal folk is RED hair. This is rather irritating mainly as I wanted to go red for a while but never had the balls to do it, mainly as the career choices I am about to embark on will frown upon the very obvious un-natural hair colour i.e. Chinese girl with crazy red/ginger hair, oh no no no! People who were naturally red such as Nicole Kiddman has return to their natural red head. I personally love red heads, mainly fo their fiery look. One clear example is the model Lily Cole who was spotted in Soho due to her fiery red hair. I have seen her waiting in Milton Keynes Platform once and her hair is seriously ginger and she definitely has a moon face. Here is some example of individuals who have gone red...

Cheryl Cole

Florence Welch

Peaches Geldof

La Roux

(p.s. I quite like florence welch feather shawl/shoulders. I may need to de pluck a peacock at this rate with my current obsession with feathers. It reminds me of my V&A adventures of their dressing up box a few months ago, where I dressed up as a parrot)

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

The Face

This is mainly for my pleasure only and maybe a few others. I love rather horrid pictures of friends, mainly as I laugh at how unkind a camera is as we all know we are not that horrific in real life (I pray not, for my sake and for the middle age folks looking for love on internet).

(more to come. But at the moment I have to work in the morning and there is VERY drunken chavvy abusive man outside my flat who has been locked out by his wife)

Monday, 17 August 2009

Asian Invasion!

According to the latest article from Times Online the monopoly market of White catwalk models may be ending their reign with the up rise and demand for the Asian models. With likes of the Japanese model Tao Okamoto, for Moschino, Marc Jacobs and D&G, and Chinese model Liu Wen, for Chanel, Dries Van Noten and Louis Vuitton holding their firm place on the catwalk scene.

Tao Okamoto at D&G
Liu Wen at Chanel

I am personally very keen for the increase exposure especially on Oriental models in the supermodel scene, mainly as I do feel some races are rather under represented in certain areas of media and fashion. Like I have yet to see a 'Oriental' family in Eastenders (I am very sad as I do admit I watch it occasionally. Shame on me!) yet they have the obligatory 'Black' and 'Indian' family. Where is my orients BBC?!? Under represented I say! Maybe the Times was getting a point, that many Oriental individuals tend not to go into Media industry mainly of the heavy influence of families wanting to see their children go into 'real' white collar profession then strutting their stuff on the catwalk. I should know, considering my father has always shunned me studying Art at Secondary School and even now thinks I should give fashion a quit and start a real 'hobby'.

So come on you media folks, I want to see more Orients on my TV! Less of the Jackie Chan in stereotypical Chinese role, where our English is very broken and all we seem to do is eat noodles or serve very very bad Chinese takeaways. No more I say! ASIAN INVASION HERE WE COME!

(photos thanks to

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Yes summer is really here, no more shitty weather of monsoon rain, it is officially nice. No more awful stickiness hot we had in June. I hate humidity with a passion. I don't deal with heat well, mainly as I love layering too much and I seem to overheat too especially on the tube. Boris Johnson please ensure the new East London Line have air con, every other western Metro has air con/cooling agent and Russia even has wireless net on their tube! Come on stick your fingers out, considering we are one of the leading global financial hubs, I do not want to be all sticky on the tube no more!

Now with this nice weather I can finally wear some retro Tees and my tight bodycon floral black skirt. Though I have yet to give up my passion for black tights, I am not keen on my bare legs unless they are in denim shorts. So this is my outfit I wore today and seem to be wearing most days.

(Vintage Granny Boots from Ebay, DIY Denim Shorts and T-shirt from Zara. Grand total £12.99 for today's outfit)

I am obviously wearing this outfit with black tights as they are the core staple piece in my wardrobe.

As I have blatantly stole a Beatles song title, yes I am in my old old music stage of music taste atm, here is the classic song in question:

I am now off to preen myself for tonight's Shoreditch drinking activities.

You're Fired!

As wonderfully said by Sir Alan Sugar off the Apprentice, I think this is clearly the perfect title for this picture my friend has sent me.

I chuckled to myself at this person misfortune, correction stupidity to bitch about her boss on facebook forgetting she had her boss on her friend list. I particularly liked the boss reply of "that 'shit stuff' is called your 'job', you know, what I pay you to do". Fantastic. Ah the wonders of social networking site has brought some to their downfall. This if anything teaches you, don't bitch about someone publicly or be careful who you befriend on facebook. This is probably a good example why I do not want my parents, employers and lecturers on my facebook. It is all too embarrassing.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Two Way D.I.Y. Bag

The latest straw hat bag as seen in the stores of Topshop, I realised can be worn two ways. Not just the casual over the shoulder or even the handle way but a backpack too! Also with my current low funds, I am trying to find ways to update my wardrobe without spending any money. Whilst fiddling with my many endless supply of handbags I realised I don't own many rucksacks (I actually own a grand total of two; my Egyptian leather drawstring bag and my old school Reebok Classic school bag which I thought was so cool but looking back it is actually revolting), therefore this solution avoided me buying any new bags to my overwhelming collection.

Don't believe me, check out my DIY backpack straw bag. It is soo easy peasy that even I am capable of making it.


Unclip the long strap and thread it through the handle as so:

Reclip it back to the side and voila you have a backpack straw bag, ready for those quaint days in the country and punting along river Cam.

Final picture (I look awful at the moment due to exhaustive day of walking around London)

See easy peasy lemon squeezy!

R.I.P. shoes

Today another pair of vintage shoes has died on me, though today it had to die whilst shopping on Oxford Street. Stumbling around central with a broken shoe was not a good look and highly uncomfortable. I slightly blame my friend James, as the sole just happen to be ripped off the shoe when I literally ran into him. I never since today have randomly bumped into any of my friends in the streets of London, mainly as majority of my friends seem to be nocturnal whilst I definitely am not, thus I believe this question of fate lead to my shoes 'crapping' out on me. I BLAME YOU JAMES and your doc martens! You bad luck charm.

Enough of using my friend as my scapegoat. I now need replacement black heeled shoes and with my current work situation i.e. there is none, my budget will not let me stretch to any Russell & Bromley or Salvatore Ferragamo similar versions. *sighs*

Goodbye shoes!! :(

They even had cute bows with letter L on them... Damn!

(sorry for poor quality in photos, at the moment none of my electrical appliances seem to be working including my camera)

I have not taken this as sign that I should not buy secondhand/vintage shoes again and start investing in new shoes. I just have to be more picky and scrutinize the shoes more before handing my cash over.

Thursday, 13 August 2009

No Thanks. I Do Not Want Your Number!

Why, Why, Why?!? Why do men in the streets (now even in cars) of London especially in the East London side find it acceptable to shout loudly at me "mmm yer girlfirend", "tap that ass" and oh the new one today "mmm hmmm I want to lick that". WTF!?! What is wrong with men these days, wearing denim shorts (not even hotpants) and a wolf mens t-shirt has some how made me irresistible to the pervy men of Lahdahn town. I'm sorry but today I looked like a teenage angst boy, wearing the most unflattering t-shirt. I don't get men like these, how on earth they have the balls to say things like that in the street and what sort of reaction do they expect out of me? Do they really think I be "yerr mate I well want you". Err NO! If you are one of these men who think it is acceptable to shout these comments to female strangers then I highly suggest you have a good look at yourself and wonder why you are still single and have a permanent red hand mark shape on your face.

Maybe I should take advice from Lily Allen Song Knock Em Out.

I may actually make a T-shirt that says "I got aids" to avoid these stupid comments and leering men. Though in retrospect that may cause more of commotion, however definitely won't get raped.

Rant Over. Will start posting more fashion related things then my anger at pervy street men.

(sorry my humour can be rather distasteful and sorry to any readers who I may of offended. Yes I am talking to all three of you!)

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Liberty Floral Fash Mob!

Yes as the flyer said from Liberty Blog, tomorrow shall be wonderful crowd of floral ditzy patterns galore. :D Lets hope the weather holds up!

Smash Art

Untitled - broken glass

I have no idea who Kate is or who her art house mates are, but I found this rather amusing. Gave me good chuckling and wished all household problems could be cleverly sorted out with a bitchy note. Alas I am not one for notes (this could be due to my personal bad experiences with angry notes left by my American flat mate in first year about ooo who stole a slice of his precious bread. This incident spiralled out of control, resulting to the American chucking out all the flat's food in the bin along with a bottle of Pimms. I definitely saw red at that moment), I rather give out verbal abuse in person then hide behind a piece of A4 paper, especially about household state.

Just Beat It

The latest Harper's Bazaar September issue contains some fantastic pictures of Brit Darling Agyness Deyn finding her inner Michael Jackson. Maybe it is wrong to portray MJ's iconic style but in my opinion his fashion style was just fabalous especially in the early age. Who knew power ranger stripes and colours work in leather suit?! Therefore it is no wonder some of the public would like to take on some parts of his style, maybe not the whole sha bang as I think that will be stepping on too many toes and is rather unimaginative of people. Don't steal style kids, absorb and take on pieces that suit you I say!

Agyness Deyn and Brana Wolf have capture his style and iconic moves quite well in these photos:

Not entirely convinced by the last photo of Agyness with 'Bubbles' look. Maybe this is because I find animals dressed in complete human outfits rather creepy. Anyone remember the Sesame Street dog heads on human body clip, by William Wegman? If not here is the clip in question:

Just creepy and odd eh?

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

My Conversation Has Run Dry

Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.

This is pretty much how I feel this very late evening. What to do, oh what to do. I wished at times I was more decisive. I need a magic eight ball or a allocated decision maker similar to the Friends episode where Rachel transfers all her relationship decisions to Monica.

Enough of the relapse emo moment. I forgot how amazing this song is and her eyes are in this video. It does reminisce my memories of the nineties fashion, where cargo pants and printed dragon tank tops were rife. Looking back why on earth was I obsessed with trousers having numerous pockets, so many that I did not know what to do with myself with so much storage I obtained on the lower half of my body (No crude jokes here folks!). I wonder if in ten years time I will look back at my current love affair of my red leopard print jacket in regret and wince a bit. Probably.

These Boots Were Made For Stomping Not Walking

I and many fashionista have been drooling over these Chole studded boots from last year. The over the top studs, many buckles and the general "argh I am going to kick up RIOT but not edgy enough to wear Doc Martens as they make me look like a clown" factor also played a strong part in my absolute lust for these shoes. They were definitely my type of shoe porn. Fuck mega sky scraper shoes that would not be out of place on a wannabe WAG heading to Zoo Bar on Saturday night. I like ANGRY shoes.

See by Chole has a new 'it' ANGRY boots this season for me to drool over. mmm...

There were many DIY Chole style boots such as Alyssa Zukas. However, my proficiency with a hammer only stretches as far with banging a nail in the wall to hang pictures off. Therefore I am now in search of a high street or vintage copy cats.

I have found some very copy cat versions from a la River Island. Surprise? I am! River Island; chav and animal print in neon colours central with extra sparkle, sells something that is acceptable (I believe I am in my full right to state these opinions about the shop considering I worked as a slave in their stores. Never again).

Seeing Spots

After reading the interview Alexa Chung did for Marie Clarie, even with a tit bit of Alex's must have including "on trend clothes from H&M". I'm sorry but I have, to my knowledge, not seen a photo of dear Alexa wearing anything I consider H&M related. Maybe I am shopping in the wrong places in H&M, as last time I entered this shop all I saw was hundreds of neon coloured T-shirt with distasteful prints and leopard coloured print leggings which would not look too out of place on a 14 year old scene kid tragically trying to be 'cool'.

However I do like the photo shoot she did for Marie Clarie:

This has spurred on my desire further to obtain the perfect cosy knit jumper for the soon to becoming ghastly Winter the lovely British weather has in toll for me. However my budget does not stretch to $370 (Damn you Chloƫ Sevigny!), so it is another trip to the mother's attic and charity shops. I am quite intrigued by the long chiffon black skirt with the white underskirt Alexa wears. My mind is now flowing with a way to wear my numerous vintage nightwear pieces now, without appearing that I came out of an old M&S underwear advert.

Monday, 10 August 2009

The September Issue

Yes, yes, yes!I am now eagerly anticipating the release of The September Issue, a feature long documentary into the production of Vogue's highest selling issue with delightful insights into the real Miranda Priestly, the legendary Anaa Wintour. I wonder if Anna is as ruthless as other media portrays of editor in chief, such as Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty. The UK official release is September 9. I shall be pencilling that date in my diary.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Ink and Incapibility

Stolen title from the wonderful Blackadder the Third which I think is quite fitting with today's post of the ignorance of Sales Assistants (bar American Apparel who stock them in abundance). Why has no sales assistant I have asked understood my request of purchasing a leotard. I am not asking for leopard print tights, I can speak English fluently thank you very much. So for any budding sales assistants please memorise this definition straight from the dictionary...

Noun 1. leotards - skintight knit hose covering the body from the waist to the feet worn by acrobats and dancers and as stockings by women and girls.

I will even provide a picture of the garment in question for the visually challenged:

Pictures thanks to American Apparel. (God Bless you for understanding my needs but not for the overpriced cotton jerseys you charge me!)

Friday, 7 August 2009

New Beginnings

This is my first post of the blogging world. I have mainly started this blog due to my overwhelming addiction to reading fashion related blogs as my way of escapism from my other unrelated life. It will consist mainly of fashion related musings, mainly of vintage cheap variety as I am pauper with my own style, which is considered by some similar to myself robbing your Gran's wardrobe.

First post of the day is why on earth has Alex Turner from the oh so popular Northern band Arctic Band decided to grow his hair?!? WHY I ask?!? It looks ridiculous and I almost nearly did not recognise the band itself in their new video Crying Lightening.

He is one lucky boy to be dating the beautiful Alex Chung. I don't get it, do you? Though this has got me thinking of purchasing the perfect striped sailor top to go aside with some soon be lovely road trips. Similar to classic styling of Coco Chanel film.