Friday, 14 August 2009

R.I.P. shoes

Today another pair of vintage shoes has died on me, though today it had to die whilst shopping on Oxford Street. Stumbling around central with a broken shoe was not a good look and highly uncomfortable. I slightly blame my friend James, as the sole just happen to be ripped off the shoe when I literally ran into him. I never since today have randomly bumped into any of my friends in the streets of London, mainly as majority of my friends seem to be nocturnal whilst I definitely am not, thus I believe this question of fate lead to my shoes 'crapping' out on me. I BLAME YOU JAMES and your doc martens! You bad luck charm.

Enough of using my friend as my scapegoat. I now need replacement black heeled shoes and with my current work situation i.e. there is none, my budget will not let me stretch to any Russell & Bromley or Salvatore Ferragamo similar versions. *sighs*

Goodbye shoes!! :(

They even had cute bows with letter L on them... Damn!

(sorry for poor quality in photos, at the moment none of my electrical appliances seem to be working including my camera)

I have not taken this as sign that I should not buy secondhand/vintage shoes again and start investing in new shoes. I just have to be more picky and scrutinize the shoes more before handing my cash over.

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