Thursday, 13 August 2009

No Thanks. I Do Not Want Your Number!

Why, Why, Why?!? Why do men in the streets (now even in cars) of London especially in the East London side find it acceptable to shout loudly at me "mmm yer girlfirend", "tap that ass" and oh the new one today "mmm hmmm I want to lick that". WTF!?! What is wrong with men these days, wearing denim shorts (not even hotpants) and a wolf mens t-shirt has some how made me irresistible to the pervy men of Lahdahn town. I'm sorry but today I looked like a teenage angst boy, wearing the most unflattering t-shirt. I don't get men like these, how on earth they have the balls to say things like that in the street and what sort of reaction do they expect out of me? Do they really think I be "yerr mate I well want you". Err NO! If you are one of these men who think it is acceptable to shout these comments to female strangers then I highly suggest you have a good look at yourself and wonder why you are still single and have a permanent red hand mark shape on your face.

Maybe I should take advice from Lily Allen Song Knock Em Out.

I may actually make a T-shirt that says "I got aids" to avoid these stupid comments and leering men. Though in retrospect that may cause more of commotion, however definitely won't get raped.

Rant Over. Will start posting more fashion related things then my anger at pervy street men.

(sorry my humour can be rather distasteful and sorry to any readers who I may of offended. Yes I am talking to all three of you!)

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  1. haha, so true! I find it's always on my ropiest days too, like they can spot low-self esteem a mile off...
    On the other hand I once saw a man drive past one of my friends and call out 'I think you're really pretty', which was quite sweet really. Beats 'Alright Duck? Fancy a fuck?' any rate :D