Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lady in Red

Sorry for the lacking of posting as I am currently interning in a big firm in the City, so been spending my days researching and reading spreadsheets. Plus sorting the re sale of my reading tickets (London will be lonely weekend with all the kids camping away) and generally usual antics has kept me pre occupied.

The current trend for celebs and have been deemed for the likes of us normal folk is RED hair. This is rather irritating mainly as I wanted to go red for a while but never had the balls to do it, mainly as the career choices I am about to embark on will frown upon the very obvious un-natural hair colour i.e. Chinese girl with crazy red/ginger hair, oh no no no! People who were naturally red such as Nicole Kiddman has return to their natural red head. I personally love red heads, mainly fo their fiery look. One clear example is the model Lily Cole who was spotted in Soho due to her fiery red hair. I have seen her waiting in Milton Keynes Platform once and her hair is seriously ginger and she definitely has a moon face. Here is some example of individuals who have gone red...

Cheryl Cole

Florence Welch

Peaches Geldof

La Roux

(p.s. I quite like florence welch feather shawl/shoulders. I may need to de pluck a peacock at this rate with my current obsession with feathers. It reminds me of my V&A adventures of their dressing up box a few months ago, where I dressed up as a parrot)

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