Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Seeing Spots

After reading the interview Alexa Chung did for Marie Clarie, even with a tit bit of Alex's must have including "on trend clothes from H&M". I'm sorry but I have, to my knowledge, not seen a photo of dear Alexa wearing anything I consider H&M related. Maybe I am shopping in the wrong places in H&M, as last time I entered this shop all I saw was hundreds of neon coloured T-shirt with distasteful prints and leopard coloured print leggings which would not look too out of place on a 14 year old scene kid tragically trying to be 'cool'.

However I do like the photo shoot she did for Marie Clarie:

This has spurred on my desire further to obtain the perfect cosy knit jumper for the soon to becoming ghastly Winter the lovely British weather has in toll for me. However my budget does not stretch to $370 (Damn you Chloƫ Sevigny!), so it is another trip to the mother's attic and charity shops. I am quite intrigued by the long chiffon black skirt with the white underskirt Alexa wears. My mind is now flowing with a way to wear my numerous vintage nightwear pieces now, without appearing that I came out of an old M&S underwear advert.

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