Saturday, 29 August 2009

Lady and the Tramp

I am not going to go in details of the Disney film about the two dogs, but more fitting with why on earth do I see so many uneven matched couples around London? I either see stunning girlfriends with a rather questionable and homeless looking male counterpart or vice versa. I have to say the tramp look sometimes gets my vote mainly for those lazy hungover monged out days where you do not want to do anything and that means putting effort into my looks. Though un-matched couples just irritate me, it is like how, what, and eurgh?!? I am maybe a cynic in the old love department but I guess I am not one who go swoon and falls madly in love with anyone. It is not my style. I am too fucked up tbh for this Disney fairytale story. My life is drama, difficult and unpredictable. I like it as I know the shit of life and do not live in bubble of glorious idiotic bliss. Gosh I sound like such an old lady in her mid 50s surrounded by her army of cats. Cat Lady here I come!

Well on with my title of tramp, I decided to google (I know I shouldn't use google as a verb but if you are avid reading of crap, then you know me and english grammar have never been best of friends) homeless folks and saw some amusing signs begging for various items.

The last picture is actually my friend Matalan (do not worry that is not his real name. If it was his parents would be of rather cruel nature) who decided that the sign "Shag for Chips" was appropriate for a chav bop in Queens College.

I am also very aware that I am not following the fashion focus of this blog as intend. So here is one fashion focus, signs are sexy and useful however dirty coal blacked out feet is not sexy. Ruffled hair is allowed and so are ripped tights but having trousers that smell of cat piss is not so much allowed. Fashion thought of the day for you there folks!

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  1. haha these are sooo funny! :) I really like your blog and I'm now a follower :) If you get a moment please tell me what you think of mine, I'd love to know how to improve it. Thank you so much,