Monday, 6 September 2010

Vogue's Fashion Night Out!

This Wednesday is Vogue's Fashion Night Out across multiple city. I will obviously be attending the London event. It is a great experience to do some late night shopping, drink free champers, eat macroons, listening to the East London Cool DJ sets and freebies. I am already piling a list of shops to hit especially ones with weird and wonderful events on. My eye is on the following:

Chanel - Free manicure
COS - Macroons and Champers darlin'
Christian Louboutin - Mad Hatter's Tea Party with Photography
Coast - Cupcakes and Champers again Darlin'
GAP - Photobooth wearing head to toe in denim. I sense a 80s double denim look going on.
Marc Jacobs - Free Marc Jacobs BANG t-shirt to the first 200 visitors.
River Island - Cocktail bar and photobooth action
Aquascutum - Oysters
Topshop - photobooth with chance to win gift vouchers

The list is endless but they are some of the nights out I decided to hit on. More details can be found below at Vogue's Fashion Night Out.

See you guys there!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Autumn Trends

Recently in the press, I read about all what is hot and what is not for AW 10. To be honest I find this all overwhelming and how young women are meant to rush out for the latest trends. I am sorry, I was still not convinced by Vagina hHigh boots last year. They looked great but slightly impractical for the slightly tall challenged. Here is my list of my staples I ALWAYS wear during this season.

1. Fur collars

My personal opinion is that vintage fur collars attached to any jacket or coat, already increases the aesthetic value and updates a tired look. It brings a luxurious look and personally fits in with my style well.

2. Scarves - Granny and Tartan

I own a few scarves, but the main one that is always a staple in my wardrobe is my trusted granny scraf one that easily provide volume to an outfit and the tartan scarf which adds a bit of English heritage to any outfit.

3. Tailored camel and grey trousers

Great for work and provides a different look to the usual bog standard jeans and tshirt look. I am personally not a big fan of just jeans and T-shirt plain Jane look. I must admit I have been caught in those sort of outfits but I stress it is a pure lazy day. I am not a trouser person but I believe in well cut pair of trousers in a interesting non black but professional colour works wonders for an outfit. They smarten any t-shirt.

4. Red Beret

Any friends who read this will know I am always seen in my red beret during winter months. I do enjoy wearing hats and tbh when the big chill comes again this December - January I will be prepared for the weather with my lovely red beret. It is rather useful for friends to find you in crowd of people as well. :)

5. Riding Boots

Classic leather boots that NEVER ever go out of fashion. Must have.

I am now bored of listening to my own rantings. Have a nice evening.

Reinventing the Wheel

I have been busy with my current Office based job, which unfortunately is not based on fashion and have banned all networking sites. I am currently thinking of a new direction to take this blog as I do not have time to collect, resize images of clothes I like, take pictures of my daily wears or my new purchases.

Therefore, currently brainstorming a new direction to take this. This may resort to a look into office wear and the City lifestyle which I feel not many blogs talk about. Or I may be thinking of new ideas such as setting a new challenge for my wardrobe. It currently fills with suits and smart wear. All has changed since I started this, when I thought I was going to be near unemployable in a recession and needed something to do during the days of unemployment. This is now not the case.

I leave you guys with a favourite song of mine...

Monday, 19 July 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Sorry for being off the radar but been overwhelming busy with work and trying to balance that with my social life, has made no time for blogging.

Spent the Saturday in the lovely town, Bath. I adore the Georgian houses and gardens that Bath has to offer, as well as the Roman Baths. I do recommend visiting this quaint town.

I dressed very smart for the very smart town. I do not normally wear trousers, but I love these trousers as they are quite casual but smarter then jeans. It makes me feel very grown up and I am starting to forget about my dizzy bright colours I wore not long ago in my teens.

I am wearing Grey T-shirt from Monki, Cream Trousers from Uniqlo, Vintage Cardigan, Vintage bag and Vintage Belt.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Flash a Hungry Smile

New title of Mystery Jets new song. I am loving it, in time for summer tunes. Reminds me of frolicking in the fields of the my home town Buckinghamshire. How I miss the countryside and your imagination going wild. With ideas of making a little forest den covered in fairy lights with butterflies whizzing around.

Love the imagery below, I want dress lights in my den!

Monday, 19 April 2010

Oh Master Bates!

Sorry for the slight pun here but any British kids in their twenties will remember the children programme Captain Pugwash with Master Bates and Seaman Staines. All very delightful British puns aimed at 6 year olds. Nice!

Shamefully my weekend was not filled with these puns, one may say a rather dull weekend then. However, me and some friends decided to rent a pedal boat in Hyde Park (girls and boys half an hour is suffice, as one hour you really will be doing laps around the lake). My friends brought cake and coffee, I gauged myself in sushi. Wanker snob much? I think so, all I needed is to drink straight from a bottle of champers darlin' and we will be all set for some wanker posh toff marlkey.

Ship Ahoy! (My friend's breasts are about the size of my head...)

Badly attempting Lady GaGa Bad Romance dance here...

Outfit: Sunglasses - H&M, Breton Striped Top - Uniqlo, Shorts - Cut off an old pair of Topshop Jeans, Blazer - Charity Shop, Fur Collar - Paris Vintage Shop, Tights - H&M, Brown Bag - Car Boot Sale and Floral Head Band - Spitafield's Market.

Have a beautiful week lovelies!

Sunday, 14 March 2010

An Single Lady and Her Tom Ford Foolery

Following my vieiwng of An Single Man, which I highly recommend to watch if not to see Colin Firth beautiful acting, but the gorgeous cinematography and the fact Nicholas Hoult looks absolutely lovely in the film even if he is slightly tango-ed.

Here is my attempt to gain geek chic. I am also apparently advocating Koppaberg as well as some Tom Ford Geek Sheek Glasses. All I need is beautiful boy brushing my hair to have vice versa photo to Nicholas Hoult advert.

p.s. Velvet Leotards are totally hot hot hot!!!

p.p.s. Big thank you to my friend who has taken a lot of my intoxicated antics this week. I am on massive detox now and not in good time with St Patrick's day. :(

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Classic Smokin'

Last year I wrote about some photography containing their muses smoking on the sticks of cancer. I do not promote the act of smoking, its your own personal choice. I have experimental with my shit camera and basic skills to form some smokin' pictures myself...

Yer massive fail kids.

Just look at my cheesy grin.

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oh I wish I was a Punk Rocker with Flowers in my Hair

The crappy pop song by Sandi Thom - I wish I was Punk Rocker reminded me of JW Anderson A/W 10 collection showcased today at LFW. Though unlike Sandi Thom song which has no resemblance to any real Punk Rocker inner self and more of annoying stage school girl pretending she is being unique, JW Anderson has a nice soft touch of Punk. His collections resonates with my own personal taste of things to be a bit more edger and dark colours but the love of vintage and floral patterns.

There was a lot of tartan picnic trousers, military/softer version of Doc Martens Lace up boots, some gorgeous Scottish cream knitwear, neck buckles, and some tailored peg leg turn up trousers. Some highlights for me are the flowers intertwined with his lace up boots. Gives me ideas to dress up my own lace up boots collection. If I was a Boy I will probably be kitted out in his clothes. Future men please take note in a class of good taste to dazzle my good self. Very much like the Vampire squid/fish mentioned on QI last week. BEDAZZLE! (I shamefully love Oxbridge comedians too much)

Floral Punk Shoes. Fuck you Sandi Thom, I want flowers in my Doc Martens.

p.s. Last boy model in this collection of pictures is my lovely good friend of mine, my original first skanky friend in London. Well done for managing to get on the catwalk love and please do not get all Kate Moss on us!!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vision 20/20... I wish!

I have always loved geeky glasses, but there is something about these geek chick eye wear which is getting me rather hot under the collar. Maybe it is the geeky but retro feel about these glasses. They speak to me of knowledge, understanding, slyness, mystery, book smarts and self confidence. Pretty much everything I adore in the opposite sex. Plus it does help al my favourite men wears them.

Invest in Tom Ford boys and you get woman to do this to you... Now that is what I call advertising.

If not, I probably buy some for myself though I believe my co workers will think I am massive weirdo as I am not conforming to office sexy look or the WAG look. The appreciation of my clothes in my office is -36 points.

Oh on the note of Colin Firth role in Single Man, Nicholas Hoult is looking an absolute babe in it. Brunettes and Blue eyes are just a killer in my books.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

McQueen and not Forgotten

Alexander Mcqueen.

You were a treasure in the fashion industry and how the world will wonder what was the A/W 10 collection to be shown in Paris and only days before London Fashion Week. We may never know. I hope you are now in peace with your mother. British Fashion, correction the Global Fashion Industry, has lost one of their bright designers showcasing the true wonders of graduate young talent to look outside the box.

You created the 'bumster' jeans where the jeans were so low cut he had evidently named his 1996 collection the "Highland Rape". You were risky and theatrical in your design. Heck, you got Lady GaGa wearing your Armadillo Shoes! Still baffled how on earth you can walk in them, let alone run for my 55 Bus to Oxford Circus.

My personal favourite was his Spring Summer Collection in 2007, the eerie Tudor music and the classic but feminine clothes juts hits the mood perfectly.

RIP Alexander McQueen.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Fairy Tales

Just found some collection of Fairy Tale photography. Makes me want to relit my inner whimsical child within. Life was such as nice little bubble then, real world is a pain.

I adore the dark imagery and interpretation in modern twist with these famous fairy tales. May invest in my own full length whimsical princess dress. Saying this, I am pretty sure I have one which I never wear for pure purpose it is ridiculous. I now in need of my own heroine dress and fairytale ending please. Take me away!

Lion King

There is something about this last season French Vogue editorial. Maybe it is the soft fabrics, pastel colours, her facial expression or the little lion club.

Makes me want to get a cute little dog, not cats as they always seem to scratch me and ladder my tights. I wear laddered tights but I would like some left for my more formal attire.

I am having a bad few days and have eaten half a pot of Onken Fat Free Strawberry Yoghurt. Better for the body then the Ben and Jerry's Phish ice cream I ate...

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Love is Lust

Sorry readers for not updating this blog but with Christmas Holidays, Work and trying to get myself up the career ladder has taken it toll. Currently I am bombarded with exam revision (I thought when I got my swish job, I got to say goodbye to exams? Apparently not).

I am currently in love with these items:

1. Tapered Trousers/ Trouser Suit. I am obessed with the tailoring on tapered trousers, especially ones that are 7/8 length. So much so I have brought four pairs in black, stone, tweed and camel tan. Look great for work as provide a slight different alternative to those horrid baggy pinstriped trousers but not too skin tight casual. Looks great with my Bally Tassle Loafers and Barker Brogues. Definitely my new love, I am barely wearing jeans now.

2. Nude Colours. For me this spring and summer is all about Nude colours. Say goodbye to florals, as they are getting abit too kiddish for me especially as I have grown up job now. Time to touch a bit of sophistication, fairytale and 20s vibe in my wardrobe. I have already brought a beautiful nude colour vintage inspired dress from H&M, nude pink silk blouse for work and leotard. Dress these colours with some lace up ankle boots to keep it edgy.

3. Satchels. I am lucky enough to have brought mine a year ago in a Junk Shop on Essex Road in London. It was original navy leather school satchel bag, even came with the original name tag of Chloe Howse and on reverse her older sister Emily. I love the fact I own the Howse sisters School Satchel. However, damn Mulberry has made me carve another handbag the Alexa. I do not think I have the extra £1,400 to purchase the Bayswater and the Alexa. Give me a pay rise job!

4. Lotus Bakeries Speculoos - A French Biscuit Spread. Yes kids, a spread that taste like a biscuit. Bizarre? Yes it is but delicious! Though I may be OTT on this by spreading this spread on my biscuits.

5. Fenech-Soler. I am loving this promo video by this band Fenech-Soler. They remind me a bit of friendly fires but with softer poppy tunes such as the Virgins.

I am currently working on a piece about what do City Boys wear outside their suits. Is it all predictable shirts with jeans and suede shoes... sadly after today's interviews I can confirm the answer is yes but have heard some interesting takes on men fashion. However, I am living in hope to interview someone who wears something that is not 'practical'.