Sunday, 14 February 2010

Vision 20/20... I wish!

I have always loved geeky glasses, but there is something about these geek chick eye wear which is getting me rather hot under the collar. Maybe it is the geeky but retro feel about these glasses. They speak to me of knowledge, understanding, slyness, mystery, book smarts and self confidence. Pretty much everything I adore in the opposite sex. Plus it does help al my favourite men wears them.

Invest in Tom Ford boys and you get woman to do this to you... Now that is what I call advertising.

If not, I probably buy some for myself though I believe my co workers will think I am massive weirdo as I am not conforming to office sexy look or the WAG look. The appreciation of my clothes in my office is -36 points.

Oh on the note of Colin Firth role in Single Man, Nicholas Hoult is looking an absolute babe in it. Brunettes and Blue eyes are just a killer in my books.

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