Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Boudicca of Vogue

Grace Coddington, Vogue's creative director and former model, is my new hero in fashion world after watching The September Issue. For me her utter creative genius shown in her innovative flair in her photo shoots and even Ms Wintour herself acknowledges the creative brilliance that is Grace Coddington.

Went to Dalston last weekend to watch this Documentary which I have literally been counting the days till since I found out it's existence, and readers you will not be disappointed. Yes Anna is portrayed as a bit of an Ice Queen but it is understandable considering she is Editor in Chief of world leading fashion magazine that is Vogue and to be honest she is damn good at what she does. The film has some rather awkward moments between Anna and her daughter where she obviously forgotten the Law firm her daughter was interning and her icy stare when her daughter said she has no interest into becoming a fashion editor but instead a top class lawyer. There was another funny moment for me is at the start of film a journalist describe Anna as the most powerful and influential woman of fashion and how she is god like etc to André Leon Talley who is sitting right next to Anna. The journalist seems to be unaware or maybe too aware she was in earshot of Anna. Another favourite moment is Grace is on site in French 17th Century house shooting for another editorial and the model who is wearing a very very tight corset is pondering whether to eat a fruit pastry. She does not for fear of not fitting into the corset but after the shoot, you see her angling her way through for that pastry, loving every bite it appears.

For me Grace stole the show with her creative mastery in the 1920s shoot and the re-shooting of the blocked colours editorial piece. I felt sorry for Grace's favourite piece of the group of models having picnic with dogs in the 1920s shoot, being axed by Anna so quickly in process. Grace, I would of brought that print any day to have displayed in my house. I loved the arguments of whether the camera man, who was used in one of the shots for the blocked colours piece, if his ponch belly should be retouched to make him similar. Anna protesting his stomach gets retouched and suggest gym for the cameraman whilst Grace having hr say of NO retouching mainly as she correctly says Models are already skinny and perfect, you do not have to be.

Some of the most funniest moments in film are provided by André Leon Talley the Editor-at-Large, especially in the scene below where he is dripped in Louis Vuitton, so much so it begs to wonder if he is burning any of those calories at all. Maybe he loses more when he making dent in the old AMEX card.

Another favourite quote from him is at the start of film where he proclaims to the fashion world that "It's a famine of beauty, honey. My eyes are starving for beauty!" I laughed so much when he said those words. He did look distressed when saying it that Vera Wang had to calm him down.

I realised I ranted too much on this post and if you got this far well done! If not I hope you just watched the Youtube clip as it is the one of the most amusing moments in the film.

Vagina me Boots

Last year there was the over the knee high boots from Stella McCartney but not it is getting as some blogges have rightfully names "Vagina High" boots. Oh no the photo below are not ridiculously skinny leather trousers but boots.

Fuck knows what sort of bottom half you are meant to wear especially in British Winter. I am thinking American Apparel may have influx order for black hotpants for any rich Chelsea kids to purchase this trend. I do however like them for novelty, look at me I am more hooker then Juila Roberts thigh high boots in Pretty Woman.

Then again I am no Julia Roberts and I believe the novelty will worn off a little plus prospect of removing the boots off after a night out (they are definitely not suited for my work wear attire, I will get tongues waging at work) scares me abit. However, definitely all eyes will be on me with these Vagina high boots. Hmm.. toss between practicality or getting WOW factor...hmm...

Monday, 14 September 2009

Late Lust

I swear my taste is slow on up take. I now really want this last Autumn Kate Moss panther dress but I am quite sure I will never get my mitts on it unless some keen person will like to sell me their one??

I want to wear this with my granny lace up boots and my blazer with fur collar. Phooey. I have become quite obsessed with see through mesh clothing mixed with normal cotton fabrics.

Sleepless in Hampstead

Sorry for the lack of posting but been very busy with work and have not had time to update this blog. Last weekend I got my old Hoxton neighbour back in town, went to two house warming parties, Brick Lane shopping and saw The September Issue (I will blog about this later as too hilarious quotes to mention). This has been a good weekends which I have not had for awhile. Whilst I type this I stupidly got curious and saw pictures of past boy with his under age girlfriend I got fobbed off for. All I have to say well done for finding someone really obviously skinny wrench posh but boring girl who probably has no backbone, you cunt. Yes I am scorn woman but I act irrational in life so please allow it. I been told my extremity of my emotions makes rather comical reading, so lets hope you laugh at my moment of bitchyness or you think I need help. I probably do.

The title of blog really has to do with a fact a friend who will remain nameless, cannot control his alcohol intake and always passes out around 9/10pm at parties. Sheer comedy value, me and my friends have decided to deface his face with a Sharpie marker pen.

My friend drinking the most awful wine from the corner shop.

Before he started to lose it all.

He is drifting now and falling asleep on my friend.

The Sharpie Pen got him.

Yes ladies and gentlemen he is very cheap!

Awful face of mine. I should never smile with teeth.

He was not happy when he woke up later on. Next time I say pile objects on his face.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mind the Gap

Flickering through the newspaper columns online during my lunch break I noticed the new Hudson Jeans adverts featuring Georgis May Jagger. One of the things I noticed is why am I always exposed to under 18 half naked bodies in adverts but mainly is the trend of having gapped front teeth with models. It appears to be the new hot commodity in model world with Georgia May Jagger appearing in the Hudson Jeans advert, Lara Stone iconic I-D front cover and the classic Brigitte Bardot who was known for a lot of things, one being her rather prominent front teeth. I remember the days where having gapped teeth was deemed unattractive and everyone in their teens were told by their dentist the magic word BRACES! Thus everyone having beautiful straight no gaps teeth. (I personally think my braces were waste of time, currently I noticed one of my front tooth is getting a bit buck tooth for my liking which worries me of the off chance I may start looking like a walrus in my mid 30s.) Maybe these models said no to their orthodontist in rebellious rage and kept their gapped front tooth and grew thick skin to the possible taunts in school, well if you want to my school these taunts were inviolable. Maybe I should of done same but I think I will just looked like a yokel Texas inbred red neck, even though I am of orient descent but you get what I mean.

Georgia May Jagger in Hudson Jeans Advert

Could be Gap Twins Jagger and Bardot? I think so.

Lara Stone

Vanessa Paradis

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Kiss of Life

I am slightly addicted to the Friendly Fires song Kiss of Life. Maybe it is the mix of samba and Ed Macfarlane kooky dancing or as my friend describes it similar to an old man dancing at family events. I personally like his dancing as I also too shamefully dance slightly indie boy shit bad. Plus I just love any decent looking lad with brunette hair and sparkling piercing blue eyes. mmm.... I am also very jealous of my Uni samba band Rhythms of City touring with Friendly Fires. Maybe I should start learning to play the drums or would a violinist fit in salsa band? Probably not plus I am not very good violinist, considering have not touch the damn thing since I was 15.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Power Shoulder!

Shoulder pads are back in according to the media! Hello power dressing of the 80s and Dynasty re make! This new Autumn trend has slightly irritated mainly as I spent ages with my picker (I am unsure of the technical term for my gadget but my Textiles teacher called it a picker so I am sticking to my guns with this stupid name), unpicking all the shoulder pads off all my vintage jacket/shirts purchases. I do not have broad shoulders in any sense but emphasising my shoulders to look more 'powerful' and be taken serious in work force is ridiculous by having what broader shoulders? In my opinions yes I don't mind looking like a 15 year old boy, in fact I find it endearing but looking like a wanker banker trying to boss everyone around is not what suits me. I cannot carry the shoulder pads look mainly as in my eyes I am not cute and feminine dainty enough for it. I look too much of a shamble. Shoulder pads reminds me the days where my mum will actually say "Oh it has shoulder pads, you have to buy it as it will make your shoulders look beautiful and well defined. You will look so classy!". WTF! Beautiful and defined shoulders eh mother? I do not need to be attracting the attentions of a pervy man with a shoulder fetish. No thank you!

Too lazy to google more images so here is just Dynasty...

(I am sorry readers. I have gotten incredibly lazy with googling images mainly as I am near prospects of unemployment and trying my best to wangle a real job at my current internship. If not, Gordorn Brown I am now adding another number to graduates who are unemployed. Thanks a lot for the massive non-support and cock up Brown.)