Monday, 14 September 2009

Sleepless in Hampstead

Sorry for the lack of posting but been very busy with work and have not had time to update this blog. Last weekend I got my old Hoxton neighbour back in town, went to two house warming parties, Brick Lane shopping and saw The September Issue (I will blog about this later as too hilarious quotes to mention). This has been a good weekends which I have not had for awhile. Whilst I type this I stupidly got curious and saw pictures of past boy with his under age girlfriend I got fobbed off for. All I have to say well done for finding someone really obviously skinny wrench posh but boring girl who probably has no backbone, you cunt. Yes I am scorn woman but I act irrational in life so please allow it. I been told my extremity of my emotions makes rather comical reading, so lets hope you laugh at my moment of bitchyness or you think I need help. I probably do.

The title of blog really has to do with a fact a friend who will remain nameless, cannot control his alcohol intake and always passes out around 9/10pm at parties. Sheer comedy value, me and my friends have decided to deface his face with a Sharpie marker pen.

My friend drinking the most awful wine from the corner shop.

Before he started to lose it all.

He is drifting now and falling asleep on my friend.

The Sharpie Pen got him.

Yes ladies and gentlemen he is very cheap!

Awful face of mine. I should never smile with teeth.

He was not happy when he woke up later on. Next time I say pile objects on his face.

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