Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Power Shoulder!

Shoulder pads are back in according to the media! Hello power dressing of the 80s and Dynasty re make! This new Autumn trend has slightly irritated mainly as I spent ages with my picker (I am unsure of the technical term for my gadget but my Textiles teacher called it a picker so I am sticking to my guns with this stupid name), unpicking all the shoulder pads off all my vintage jacket/shirts purchases. I do not have broad shoulders in any sense but emphasising my shoulders to look more 'powerful' and be taken serious in work force is ridiculous by having what broader shoulders? In my opinions yes I don't mind looking like a 15 year old boy, in fact I find it endearing but looking like a wanker banker trying to boss everyone around is not what suits me. I cannot carry the shoulder pads look mainly as in my eyes I am not cute and feminine dainty enough for it. I look too much of a shamble. Shoulder pads reminds me the days where my mum will actually say "Oh it has shoulder pads, you have to buy it as it will make your shoulders look beautiful and well defined. You will look so classy!". WTF! Beautiful and defined shoulders eh mother? I do not need to be attracting the attentions of a pervy man with a shoulder fetish. No thank you!

Too lazy to google more images so here is just Dynasty...

(I am sorry readers. I have gotten incredibly lazy with googling images mainly as I am near prospects of unemployment and trying my best to wangle a real job at my current internship. If not, Gordorn Brown I am now adding another number to graduates who are unemployed. Thanks a lot for the massive non-support and cock up Brown.)

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