Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Kiss of Life

I am slightly addicted to the Friendly Fires song Kiss of Life. Maybe it is the mix of samba and Ed Macfarlane kooky dancing or as my friend describes it similar to an old man dancing at family events. I personally like his dancing as I also too shamefully dance slightly indie boy shit bad. Plus I just love any decent looking lad with brunette hair and sparkling piercing blue eyes. mmm.... I am also very jealous of my Uni samba band Rhythms of City touring with Friendly Fires. Maybe I should start learning to play the drums or would a violinist fit in salsa band? Probably not plus I am not very good violinist, considering have not touch the damn thing since I was 15.


  1. I saw these live last year and they were so good, dead excitable on stage haha :) Thank you for your comments on my blog recently, I really appreciate it :) I ended up buying the bralet, there's a picture of me wearing it in my newest post :) Thank you for the advice!