Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Vagina me Boots

Last year there was the over the knee high boots from Stella McCartney but not it is getting as some blogges have rightfully names "Vagina High" boots. Oh no the photo below are not ridiculously skinny leather trousers but boots.

Fuck knows what sort of bottom half you are meant to wear especially in British Winter. I am thinking American Apparel may have influx order for black hotpants for any rich Chelsea kids to purchase this trend. I do however like them for novelty, look at me I am more hooker then Juila Roberts thigh high boots in Pretty Woman.

Then again I am no Julia Roberts and I believe the novelty will worn off a little plus prospect of removing the boots off after a night out (they are definitely not suited for my work wear attire, I will get tongues waging at work) scares me abit. However, definitely all eyes will be on me with these Vagina high boots. Hmm.. toss between practicality or getting WOW factor...hmm...

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