Thursday, 4 February 2010

Love is Lust

Sorry readers for not updating this blog but with Christmas Holidays, Work and trying to get myself up the career ladder has taken it toll. Currently I am bombarded with exam revision (I thought when I got my swish job, I got to say goodbye to exams? Apparently not).

I am currently in love with these items:

1. Tapered Trousers/ Trouser Suit. I am obessed with the tailoring on tapered trousers, especially ones that are 7/8 length. So much so I have brought four pairs in black, stone, tweed and camel tan. Look great for work as provide a slight different alternative to those horrid baggy pinstriped trousers but not too skin tight casual. Looks great with my Bally Tassle Loafers and Barker Brogues. Definitely my new love, I am barely wearing jeans now.

2. Nude Colours. For me this spring and summer is all about Nude colours. Say goodbye to florals, as they are getting abit too kiddish for me especially as I have grown up job now. Time to touch a bit of sophistication, fairytale and 20s vibe in my wardrobe. I have already brought a beautiful nude colour vintage inspired dress from H&M, nude pink silk blouse for work and leotard. Dress these colours with some lace up ankle boots to keep it edgy.

3. Satchels. I am lucky enough to have brought mine a year ago in a Junk Shop on Essex Road in London. It was original navy leather school satchel bag, even came with the original name tag of Chloe Howse and on reverse her older sister Emily. I love the fact I own the Howse sisters School Satchel. However, damn Mulberry has made me carve another handbag the Alexa. I do not think I have the extra £1,400 to purchase the Bayswater and the Alexa. Give me a pay rise job!

4. Lotus Bakeries Speculoos - A French Biscuit Spread. Yes kids, a spread that taste like a biscuit. Bizarre? Yes it is but delicious! Though I may be OTT on this by spreading this spread on my biscuits.

5. Fenech-Soler. I am loving this promo video by this band Fenech-Soler. They remind me a bit of friendly fires but with softer poppy tunes such as the Virgins.

I am currently working on a piece about what do City Boys wear outside their suits. Is it all predictable shirts with jeans and suede shoes... sadly after today's interviews I can confirm the answer is yes but have heard some interesting takes on men fashion. However, I am living in hope to interview someone who wears something that is not 'practical'.

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  1. That biscuit spread is sweet sweet nectar