Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I Drink Cups of Tea

Remember the days when we loved the so called Nu Rave and listening to Kate Nash and wishing we dress like Blue Peter Presenters? Well I certainty do.

I realised I still like the likes of the Klaxons, Teenagers, Kate Nash and all those other bands I swooned over my Uni years.

So I am afraid but I am going to post some Kate Nash Songs, as her songs reminded me of a two boy at that stage of my life. I had a lot of silly teenage mixed emotions with them both (I can say I was definitely a teenager at Uni as I started Uni at grand age of 17). It is quite sad I would probably cry if I saw them again with the background music playing a bit of Kate Nash. I am so daft and a loser.

I probably feeling a bit Kate Nash mood due to stupid school girl crush. Must learn not to lust after forbidden fruit.

P.S. I like the cartoon youtube videos of Kate Nash song. Very keepfing with the Blue Peter wannabe look. Kids presenter sheek!

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