Tuesday, 11 August 2009

These Boots Were Made For Stomping Not Walking

I and many fashionista have been drooling over these Chole studded boots from last year. The over the top studs, many buckles and the general "argh I am going to kick up RIOT but not edgy enough to wear Doc Martens as they make me look like a clown" factor also played a strong part in my absolute lust for these shoes. They were definitely my type of shoe porn. Fuck mega sky scraper shoes that would not be out of place on a wannabe WAG heading to Zoo Bar on Saturday night. I like ANGRY shoes.

See by Chole has a new 'it' ANGRY boots this season for me to drool over. mmm...

There were many DIY Chole style boots such as Alyssa Zukas. However, my proficiency with a hammer only stretches as far with banging a nail in the wall to hang pictures off. Therefore I am now in search of a high street or vintage copy cats.

I have found some very copy cat versions from a la River Island. Surprise? I am! River Island; chav and animal print in neon colours central with extra sparkle, sells something that is acceptable (I believe I am in my full right to state these opinions about the shop considering I worked as a slave in their stores. Never again).

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