Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Just Beat It

The latest Harper's Bazaar September issue contains some fantastic pictures of Brit Darling Agyness Deyn finding her inner Michael Jackson. Maybe it is wrong to portray MJ's iconic style but in my opinion his fashion style was just fabalous especially in the early age. Who knew power ranger stripes and colours work in leather suit?! Therefore it is no wonder some of the public would like to take on some parts of his style, maybe not the whole sha bang as I think that will be stepping on too many toes and is rather unimaginative of people. Don't steal style kids, absorb and take on pieces that suit you I say!

Agyness Deyn and Brana Wolf have capture his style and iconic moves quite well in these photos:

Not entirely convinced by the last photo of Agyness with 'Bubbles' look. Maybe this is because I find animals dressed in complete human outfits rather creepy. Anyone remember the Sesame Street dog heads on human body clip, by William Wegman? If not here is the clip in question:

Just creepy and odd eh?

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