Saturday, 15 August 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Yes summer is really here, no more shitty weather of monsoon rain, it is officially nice. No more awful stickiness hot we had in June. I hate humidity with a passion. I don't deal with heat well, mainly as I love layering too much and I seem to overheat too especially on the tube. Boris Johnson please ensure the new East London Line have air con, every other western Metro has air con/cooling agent and Russia even has wireless net on their tube! Come on stick your fingers out, considering we are one of the leading global financial hubs, I do not want to be all sticky on the tube no more!

Now with this nice weather I can finally wear some retro Tees and my tight bodycon floral black skirt. Though I have yet to give up my passion for black tights, I am not keen on my bare legs unless they are in denim shorts. So this is my outfit I wore today and seem to be wearing most days.

(Vintage Granny Boots from Ebay, DIY Denim Shorts and T-shirt from Zara. Grand total £12.99 for today's outfit)

I am obviously wearing this outfit with black tights as they are the core staple piece in my wardrobe.

As I have blatantly stole a Beatles song title, yes I am in my old old music stage of music taste atm, here is the classic song in question:

I am now off to preen myself for tonight's Shoreditch drinking activities.

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