Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Oh I wish I was a Punk Rocker with Flowers in my Hair

The crappy pop song by Sandi Thom - I wish I was Punk Rocker reminded me of JW Anderson A/W 10 collection showcased today at LFW. Though unlike Sandi Thom song which has no resemblance to any real Punk Rocker inner self and more of annoying stage school girl pretending she is being unique, JW Anderson has a nice soft touch of Punk. His collections resonates with my own personal taste of things to be a bit more edger and dark colours but the love of vintage and floral patterns.

There was a lot of tartan picnic trousers, military/softer version of Doc Martens Lace up boots, some gorgeous Scottish cream knitwear, neck buckles, and some tailored peg leg turn up trousers. Some highlights for me are the flowers intertwined with his lace up boots. Gives me ideas to dress up my own lace up boots collection. If I was a Boy I will probably be kitted out in his clothes. Future men please take note in a class of good taste to dazzle my good self. Very much like the Vampire squid/fish mentioned on QI last week. BEDAZZLE! (I shamefully love Oxbridge comedians too much)

Floral Punk Shoes. Fuck you Sandi Thom, I want flowers in my Doc Martens.

p.s. Last boy model in this collection of pictures is my lovely good friend of mine, my original first skanky friend in London. Well done for managing to get on the catwalk love and please do not get all Kate Moss on us!!!


  1. Ah they are so amazing, Sandi Thom actually comes from my home town, she's dead stuck up :/ And well done to your friend! If you get a second, please take a look at my blog @


  2. this collection is superb.x