Saturday, 5 September 2009

Mind the Gap

Flickering through the newspaper columns online during my lunch break I noticed the new Hudson Jeans adverts featuring Georgis May Jagger. One of the things I noticed is why am I always exposed to under 18 half naked bodies in adverts but mainly is the trend of having gapped front teeth with models. It appears to be the new hot commodity in model world with Georgia May Jagger appearing in the Hudson Jeans advert, Lara Stone iconic I-D front cover and the classic Brigitte Bardot who was known for a lot of things, one being her rather prominent front teeth. I remember the days where having gapped teeth was deemed unattractive and everyone in their teens were told by their dentist the magic word BRACES! Thus everyone having beautiful straight no gaps teeth. (I personally think my braces were waste of time, currently I noticed one of my front tooth is getting a bit buck tooth for my liking which worries me of the off chance I may start looking like a walrus in my mid 30s.) Maybe these models said no to their orthodontist in rebellious rage and kept their gapped front tooth and grew thick skin to the possible taunts in school, well if you want to my school these taunts were inviolable. Maybe I should of done same but I think I will just looked like a yokel Texas inbred red neck, even though I am of orient descent but you get what I mean.

Georgia May Jagger in Hudson Jeans Advert

Could be Gap Twins Jagger and Bardot? I think so.

Lara Stone

Vanessa Paradis

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