Monday, 30 November 2009

Early Bird Catches The Worm

Sorry I been off the radar again, my blogging is been very hit and miss lately. My recent updates is going to Paris for the day for my 21st however I was very unwell on my Birthday which resulted me to believe there is no God or justice.

Paris was lovely, food was nom nom, vintage shops were wonderful, however the Metro smelt like cat piss *correction* homeless people piss. I can now fully appreciate why London public transport is expensive compared to rest of Europe. We pay to keep homeless people from using the station as a public toilet.

I am afraid I managed not to take any pictures in Paris due to awful weather and the fact I wanted to die with every step we took in Paris. I will however put in due course photos of my few purchases. Next time I may need to take people who do not mind waiting for me to shop in trunks filled of five Euros fur collars.

I have today on impulse booked my flights to Madrid next weekend for a long weekend away with my Best Friend. If any one knows any vintage shops there then please let me know. :)

French Vogue two fingers at Fur activist:

Yes I wear fur but to be honest there is many dead fur items that animals have died many years ago. It is waste not to wear it. I am not buying fur from the latest Chanel collection. Therefore not promoting the fur trade to continue now but I am sorry kids real fur feels more luxurious and warmer in these Winter months. Sorry for any offence this may cause to readers.

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