Monday, 2 November 2009

Team Evil

Sorry for late post, I have been busy in my full time City Job and catching up with old friends. I am a rubbish blogger. Bad Times.

I hope everyone had a frightful Halloween. Mine consisting of rollover hangovers from previous drinking sessions the week before. I realised I definitely cannot drink during work days, as I cannot say no to free drinks. Must put that on my to do list, must learn to say No to free drinks. I have been away from blog world, my already basic HTML skills have gone to non existent HTML skills, so apologies in advance for poor posting here.

Here is some images from my halloween, I tried to stay away from overly sexy sexy sexy outfits. Why does halloween allow girls to dress like hookers even in the most bizarre outfits, this ranges from sexy pumpkins, sexy serial killer, sexy vampire, sexy bumblebee?!? Forgiven for any friends of mine who do read this, I did dress as bumble bee but it was nothing but sexy. I resembled a 10 year old and anyone thinking I am sexy bumble bee would of been a paedophile.

My dress up consisted of alot of fake blood, fake skin (yes you heard me right!), face putty, knives and pretending to be passion of the christ?!?

Yes I am aware we got carried away with Knifey type pictures. Plus my eyes are a bit crazy in some, though I think we did it in true halloween style of scary on slight horror film style. Who cares as I love the Gothic Vintage look.

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