Monday, 16 November 2009

Wasted Lust

I spent past half hour trying to find way to convert a file into picture jpec file or whatever you computer science geeks call it. I am now fed up and hate technology. This is why I love my red German typewriter but FUCK ME it weighs a tonne and carrying it for 5 hours in Central London was not a good idea.

Whilst I was typing this I realised the picture I manage to convert to JPEC file is fucking too small and won't resize properly. I am getting tiresome of this post now... I may need to hire a second computer geek in this blog. Right it won't resize and I given up so enjoy the stupid small photo kids.

Most of the items below is from Monki, a Swedish high street that does very good clothes. I want the beige jumper quite alot. Everything is Monki bar the vintage bags, the blue creepers from Office, the cat mask, and the Bralet which is Topshop.

I quite like idea of using a big rope to tie around my trousers as a make shift belt. Must look into this further when I am less angry at technology.

I had enough of cropping pictures for one day (my current City Job requires me to make a lot of client friendly presentations, so my cropping skills is hitting saturation point). Now time for Peppermint tea and Chocolate covered Rice Cakes. Yumm.

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