Monday, 2 November 2009

Oui Oui Oui

I am going to Paris on 28th November for the day for my 21st Birthday. French kids or lovers of Paris please help me tell me a list of vintage shops in Paris?

I am having a major love affair with all things French, from stripy tops to my red beret to fur. Love Affair I tell thee! I will post something more substantial to represent how much I love all things French. I have even stopped buying cheddar cheese in replacement of Edam and Gouda (I am well aware these are Dutch cheeses, but I couldn't deal with French Cheeses and thought Dutch is close enough to France) and I started listening to some Bridgette Bardot and Yelle & Uffie. Oooo La La!

I am obessed with Miss Dior Cherie Advert, so much so, I have spent four hours watching this advert over and over. I want my Parisian Dream to be EXACTLY like the advert. I want the quaint dress, eating yummy cakes and the pastel Laura Ashley coloured balloons.

I WANT TO BE THE GIRL ABOVE!!! C'est Adorable! (You can see I did not study French GCSE, stupidly took the manly language of German.)

All I now need is that French Man to romance me.

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