Monday, 16 November 2009

Madeline Coat of Wonders

Continuing with my massive Paris Love Affair...(these Parisian theme posts may be getting tiresome I am sensing)

Yesterday I spent my Sunday lusting over Liberty prints and heading to Beyond Retro. Long and behold I foudn this cute red petite coat with black velvet trimming, black bows on back and slight cape like structure on top. Did I mention it came with Brass Buttons? Basically I was in love right there but stupidly this was for a 5 year old and hence barely fitted me. Damn my non anorexic extreme frame. Why does no normal adult shop make gorgeous cute public school coats for likes moi?!?

This moment did reminded me of the Book/TV show Madeline. I remembered how much I loved it and the cute little dog. I think I loved it more as kid as they had really cool adventures and the thought of living in all girls convent seemed fun to me as a child. Plus they got to wear cute hats and coats. I now want my own Madeline coat and the hat as well!!!

However, I want my coat in red with black bow please.

I may now watch some Madeline alongside my Peppermint Tea. Yes Cool Granny points coming my way!

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  1. LOL! i rememember occasionally watching this sh*t when no other decent cartoonAs were on.