Friday, 14 August 2009

Two Way D.I.Y. Bag

The latest straw hat bag as seen in the stores of Topshop, I realised can be worn two ways. Not just the casual over the shoulder or even the handle way but a backpack too! Also with my current low funds, I am trying to find ways to update my wardrobe without spending any money. Whilst fiddling with my many endless supply of handbags I realised I don't own many rucksacks (I actually own a grand total of two; my Egyptian leather drawstring bag and my old school Reebok Classic school bag which I thought was so cool but looking back it is actually revolting), therefore this solution avoided me buying any new bags to my overwhelming collection.

Don't believe me, check out my DIY backpack straw bag. It is soo easy peasy that even I am capable of making it.


Unclip the long strap and thread it through the handle as so:

Reclip it back to the side and voila you have a backpack straw bag, ready for those quaint days in the country and punting along river Cam.

Final picture (I look awful at the moment due to exhaustive day of walking around London)

See easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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  1. Far far far far too much time...and the days of came time are over.